Countrywide Logistics specializes in expedited shipping along with the following services:

Expedited Shipping:

Expedited means to make something happen more quickly than is normally the case. With expedited shipping, it’s about getting your shipment delivered in faster than usual time.

Refrigerated Shipping:

Refrigerated trucking, (also referred to as “reefer”) is a freight shipping method that specializes in the transportation of foods and products that require a temperature-controlled means of transport.

Secure Lot:

Countrywide has the space you need to park freight for the time being, with a full acre of fenced in and secured land behind our office.

Port Drayage:

Port drayage is the term used when describing short hauls from ports and other areas to nearby locations. Drayage is a key aspect of the transfer of shipments to and from other means of transportation.

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